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Can Auto Insurance Companies Drop Your Coverage? – Lakewood CO

Hi, everyone. Kevin Egan here with Asset Protection Services of Colorado. I’m out on a bike ride in Morrison, Colorado, in Bear Creek Park, and I’m going to answer a question for you. It seems like the perfect time, right? The question is, can insurance companies drop your coverage? Well, they can, of course. Typically, we don’t see auto policies getting dropped unless it’s for non-payment, so if you don’t pay your bills. Of course, DUIs, driving under the influence, DWI, driving while intoxicated, you might see insurance companies drop you for those. Those are pretty major. In terms of motor vehicle records, yeah, if you have a lot of violations, you could see a non-renewal. But typically, you just see higher charges in premium. It’s best to keep your moving violations under less than two in three years. So, yeah, as far as claims, we don’t see insurance companies typically dropping you because of claims.
In fact, we’ve got a customer with 30 claims in the last 10 years. Yeah, that’s, if my math is correct, three claims a year, and they still have coverage. But if you lose your driving privileges, you’re going to be asked to get an SR-22, a statement of financial responsibility, filed out with the state Department of Motor Vehicles. You’ll be paying non-standard rates. It means higher premiums. So moral of the story, keep paying your bills. Don’t get a lot of tickets. Don’t drive while drinking or under the influence of drugs. That’s it for today. I hope you all stay safe out there. And just check out this scenery. Oh yeah, beautiful, eh? All right, be well. Call us if you need a quote, (303) 421-9702. Bye for now.

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